The current exhibit at the Cape Cod Museum of Art includes items from the WHOI Data Library and Archives. The exhibit, "Mysteries & Revelations: Discovering Cape Cod's Museum Treasures," focuses on items with previously unknown stories behind them, held by 36 art, science and history organizations on the Cape. The Data Library's addition to the exhibition includes two items related to a photograph of Gregorio Fuentes, who was Ernest Hemingway's first mate on his boat, El Pilar, and was one of the inspirations for the Old Man and the Sea.

As we celebrate International Open Access Week 2017, below we take a look at the freely accessible digitized version of an article from the Marine Biological Laboratory 1926 newspaper called "The Collecting Net". In an article entitled "Cooperation in Research" the editors foreshadow the concept of open access:

"Some workers are reticent about letting others know just what they are doing or how they are doing it. ...This is not in the interest of science, even though in some cases it may be better for the ego."

23 Oct 2017
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