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WHOAS Repository Server Upgrades

The MBLWHOI Library completed planned upgrades of the WHOAS repository server, moving it to a new upgraded operating system, with improved security checks and scalable storage capacity. The new server will keep the repository in line with the latest standards for data repositories included in the Core Trust Seal certification community.

Ask and Receive: Free, Year-round Interlibrary Loan Available for Library Patrons

It’s kind of funny how each month gets associated with ’the best time’ to obtain certain things. January has white sales and deals on fitness equipment. February, with both Valentine’s Day and President’s Day falling within the month, offers all sorts of bargains including discounts on cruises and household goods. And, for a more complete list, a search on the internet retrieves a run-down of all sorts of things associated with each of the remaining months. Read more.

Cell Studies Continue at the Lillie Library

Since the physical Library at MBL is closed, the Library staff has been working hard to get Woods Hole scientists the materials that they need to support their research. In addition, there are two graduate students form Arizona State University working in Woods Hole and making use of Library resources in different ways. Read More.

DLA Cruise Data Server Cutover

After many months of planning and preparing, the DLA Cruise Data website has cutover to our new virtual machine server. The new architecture boasts advanced, scalable storage capacity and robust security. This system will be easier and less expensive to maintain than a traditional hardware server and will allow greater access to HPC resources for WHOI researchers. Read More.

Tales from the Archive: Outside the Pillars of Heracles

The study of the ocean, how it works and the secrets it holds, has been the mission of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution from the time it was an idea being proposed by Henry Bigelow and Frank Lillie. When WHOI became a reality in 1930, the idea of ocean sciences was still emerging even though humanity long sailed the sea.