Open Access plea at MBL in 1926: in recognition of Int'l Open Access Week 2017

As we celebrate International Open Access Week 2017, below we take a look at the freely accessible digitized version of an article from the Marine Biological Laboratory 1926 newspaper called "The Collecting Net". In an article entitled "Cooperation in Research" the editors foreshadow the concept of open access:

"Some workers are reticent about letting others know just what they are doing or how they are doing it. ...This is not in the interest of science, even though in some cases it may be better for the ego."

Collecting Net V.1 n. 2 (1926) MBLWHOI Library via Biodiversity Heritage Library


The article goes on to propose an open laboratory scheme in which scientists visit each others laboratories at appointed times...given this 1926 pre-electronic pre-open access period, in an international laboratory which was active for only 10 or so weeks a year, promotion of such an attitude, if practiced would have had the same type of impact modern Open Access has today!

We worked with our partner the Biodiversity Heritage Library to digitize the Collecting Net. The BHL serves over 200,000 volumes of scientific literature, freely accessible with an computer or similar device.

Link to above page in Collecting Net