History of Biology Summer/Fall Lunchtime Talks


Kate MacCord, Program Administrator and James McDonnell Foundation Fellow

All talks are 12:15PM, Grass Reading Room, MBLWHOI Library, MBL Lillie Building, Woods Hole

Thursday, August 3rd

At the intersection of history, philosophy, and science


While historians and philosophers of science have long held discourse at the Marine Biological Laboratory, MBL scientists have had few opportunities to interact with them and explore the rewards of interdisciplinary communication and collaboration.

This has just become much easier through a new initiative to connect historians and philosophers of science (HPS) with MBL experimentalists, with the goal of enriching and transforming the research discovery process for all. The program is co-led by historian and MBL Fellow Jane Maienschein, who is also Regents’, President’s and University Professor at Arizona State University, and incoming MBL Director of Research David Mark Welch. It is funded by the James S. McDonnell Foundation.

Kate MacCord was recently awarded her PhD from Arizona State University, and is currently the first McDonnell Foundation Fellow


Challie Facemire, MBL History Project Editor


Wednesday, September 20th

Parcelling out the wild


Challie is currently the MBL History Project Editor, and is a PhD candidate from the Arizona State University Center for Biology and Society. 

Challie’s research interests focus around wilderness, natural resources, and public lands. She is particularly interested in how different agencies work within established policy and law regarding land management, natural resource management, and how that management takes place when dealing with evolving ecosystems. 


All talks are at 12:15PM, MBLWHOI Library Grass Reading Room

All are welcome, refreshments served