Special Lunchtime talks by the History of the MBL Project researchers and Norton Fellowship recipients

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June 29, Thursday: JJ LaTourelle and Carolina Abboud, Arizona State University Center for Biology and  Society:      

MBL History Project: Then, now, and the Future


July 5, Wednesday: Beatrice Steinert, Brown University, 2016 Catherine Norton Fellow:

 Drawing embryos together: Seeing the embryology of Crepidula


July 13, Thursday: Sean Cohmer, Arizona State University Center for Biology and  Society, 2017 Catherine Norton Fellow:

Before organisms were models: Thomas Hunt Morgan's experiments with marine organisms in late 19th century Woods Hole


July 19, Wednesday: Alexis Abboud, Arizona State University, Center for Biology and  Society:

The first thirty years: The Endocrine disruptor concept  in embryo


Talks are at 12:15PM, Grass Reading Room, MBLWHOI Library,

2nd fl, MBL Lillie Building All are welcome